Founder of Hoitola Susan.
Trained massage therapist
Traditional bone setting
Shindo-Pro-trainer and therapist                MentalSport-coach

I do, in addition to classic massage treatments, different kinds of pampering treatments and traditional Asian treatments.

I am interested in different ways to taking care of people, from physical to psychological problems. I search continually new knowledge and go to different kinds of courses to improve my worksmanship. My goal is to do the right kind of treatment to any kind of physical problem, with all of my knowledge.

The main idea of the salon is to offer a different, relaxing atmosphere and exclusive, individual treatments. I enjoy my work and I hope that I can help people.

In addition to doing treatments, I also hold courses on_ in schools, in my salon, and elsewhere when requested.


Rehabilitation focused practical nurse, Reflexologist and a trained massage therapist

Auli does in addition to massages, starting from December of 2019, reflexology, Indian head massage and hot stone massage.

Payment in cash or billing, the salons' gift cards work as well


Trained massage therapist, sports massage therapist and exercise adviser

I have been in Hoitola susan since 2011. My biggest passions are different sports of different kind, the biggest ones are gyms and football, and my motto is that you have to challenge yourself to improve and whatever task you take, you best do it right. I want to give each customer their own treatment, based on their needs.

My treatments include:

Classic and sports massage, kinetic taping, fascia-massage and _ massage

Hoitovalikoimaan kuuluu:
Klassinen ja urheiluhieronta, kinesioteippaus, fasciahieronta ja puremalihashieronta.

In addition I also enjoy doing pampering treatments where the mind and body relax and day to day life pauses for a moment:

Hot stone massage, Indian head massage 30min, Indian head massage with oil, Thai-foot massage, aroma- and chocolate massage, herb bundle massage, power hot stone massage.

You can make an appointment online or by calling or texting 0400671461
Näiden lisäksi nautin tehdä hemmotteluhoitoja joissa mieli sekä keho rentoutuvat ja arki pysähtyy hetkeksi:
Kuumakivihieronta, intialainen päähieronta 30min, intialainen päähieronta öljyllä, Thai-jalkahieronta, aroma- ja suklaahieronta, yrttinyyttihieronta, teho kuumakivihieronta.

In Facebook/Instagram: urheiluhieroja henna ring
facebookista/instagramista: urheiluhieroja henna ring 


Trained massage therapist, sports massage therapist

Jari is an experienced masseur, who does treatments at our place by contract.

Payment in cash only

Appointments by calling 0400-580135


Trained massage therapist and cosmetologist

Massages and pampering treatments.

I have worked in Hoitola Susan since 2011. I do classic massage, face-, foot and body massage, hot stone massage, chocolate massage, aroma massage, herb bundle massage and Indian head massage.

Gift cards work and you can pay with cash or card.

Get an appointment and relax. Welcome!


Trained massage therapist

I became a trained therapist in 2015 in Kaustinen. I do treatments in a rental place Mon-Thu. I do classic massage and kinetic- and sports taping.

Appointment can be done at the salon or online.


Trained massage therapist

I do classic massage two days a week. I study traditional bone setting and I already do it in training.

Appointment can be made online or from the number 0442996950. Payment in cash or with a Hoitola Susan gift card.


Trained massage therapist, sport massage therapist, exercise adviser & personal trainer.

I have worked in the salon since 2013. My services include classic- and sport massage, -, hot stone massage and Indian headmassage. I always do my best, so that the end result will be as good as possible. Remember to take care of your body!

Olen toiminut syksystä 2013 hoitolassa. Palveluihini kuuluvat klassinen- ja urheiluhieronta, purentalihashieronta, kuumakivihieronta ja intialainen päähieronta. Teen aina kaikkeni, jotta lopputulos olisi paras mahdollinen. Muista hoitaa ja huoltaa kehoasi!

Trainings: - Trained massage/ sport massage and Indian head massage, Oulu's massage academy 2013- hot stone massage course 2014 - exercise advisor and Personal Trainer, Lapland's sports chool 2017 -

Appointment by calling 0442548272 or online

Koulutukset: - Koulutettu hieroja/ urheiluhieroja ja intialainen päähieronta, Oulun hieroja-akatemia 2013 - Kuumakivihierontakurssi 2014 - Liikuntaneuvoja ja Personal Trainer, Lapin Urheiluopisto 2017 - Purentalihaskurssi 2017


Trained massage therapist

I do classic massage and sport massage 1-2 days a week. Indian head massage, with or without oil, and slide cupping are also included. I study bone setting in Kaustinen on the side. New: Honey massage and nerve route massage training massages!
Payment in cash, Hoitola Susan gift cards work as well!


Trained massage therapist

In addition to classic massage I do hot stone massage, herb bundle massage, shiatsu, Indian head massage even with oil and power massage with hot stones.


Trained massage therapist
Traditional bone setting
Chinese medicine acupuncturist

In addition to massages and bone setting I also do Chinese acupuncture, moxibustion, fire needle, dry cupping. I studied massage in Bali in Summer of 2016, so I also do that. GuaSha and TokSen as new treatments from Thailand's courses.

Home visits +5€ per hour